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New Digital Media Marketing Company takes a shot at saving Automotive Industry Providers Money!

New Digital Media Marketing Company takes a shot at
saving Automotive Industry Companies money.
(MISSION TRUTH-MEDIA) – Featured Digital Media Website Announcement News
Can a Marketing company save its clients money and stay in business? iPitCrew thinks so!

(MissionTruth.CO) – Press Release Distribution – A brand new B2B Digital Media Company iPitCrew is up and running worldwide for Automotive Industry Providers . Thankfully, this is not another attempt to exploit the demand that exists within the market. Correctly called “iPitCrew” these guys aim to get Automotive Industry Providers . and Industry providers to the winners’ circle by tuning up thier marketing efforts with Digital Media Marketing.
In a press release earlier today they are quoted as saying “its not enough anymore to spend more money than the next guy to be heard. You need to do just the opposite! Dealers need to spend the right money on the correct technologies. The results have to be measurable and vendors have to be accountable! The days of over spending, over promising, and under delivering are over! Automotive Industry Providers want vendors that act as partners to their business, they want a Digital Media Company that’s not married to a particular product but is quick and nimble able to adapt to the latest technologies without having to remain attached to older less competitive offerings. Most importantly they want Digital Media company that’s going to work just as hard if not harder to protect the Automotive Industry Providers . Bottom line profitability. “The Crew” is a group with laser focus on ROI. For us, it doesn’t’t stop with identifying cost savings, we make sure our Automotive Industry Providers . have processes in place that will transition online traffic to sales, then follow the customer through the life cycle of ownership.”

We like to joke that most of the people on “The Crew” have Dual Degrees! One from the school of hard knocks because extensive Dealership experience is a pre-requisite, and then there are the undergraduate and Graduate degrees in Business, Marketing, and Information Technologies, There is no business like the car Business and that extensive education is invaluable. It’s what makes us truly unique we speak fluent “Dealer and Techi,” we just happen to fall on the side of the Automotive Industry Providers . , but if you have a great technology at a value added price, we can be friends too!”

People are taking notice and we wish these guys the best of luck! One thing is for sure these guys are building, growing a business model built around reputation. If their name is associated with it, you can be assured it’s a reputable organization.

All in all, “The Crew” promises to be an great addition to Digital Media world.

Contact www.iPitCrew.com for more info…Mission Truth Media
Press Release

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