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Social Media + Reputation = Total Market Dominance!

Social Media+Reputation = Total Market Dominance!
(MISSION TRUTH-MEDIA)- Featured Website Announcement News
July 24th 2010

July 24th, 2010 —

iPitCrew partners with Presto Reviews to help Dealers leave competition in the dust!

So 2010 will be the year of the “CONVERSATION”. Advertising
has virtually been renamed “Social Media”. The clever response today is “we think it has merit, but we can’t measure the impact. “ iPitCrew says that’s just not so! We are willing to prove it! Not only can we measure it, we insist upon it!” Why? Because iPitCrew guarantees Return On Investment ! Obviously, it’s not for everyone. It’s just for those Buisinesses who want to DOMINATE THEIR MARKET PLACE and are willing to stand on REPUTATION to do so. Most Advertising companies in the Buisinesses are jumping on the “SOCIAL MEDIA BUZZ WORD” by offering video walk around to post on the company YouTube and Face Book pages. The typical aggressive Buisinesses Marketer then posts the content in a manner that interrupts the consumer’s online experience. That’s EXACTLY the incorrect thing to do! As consumers gain control of their media experiences these “interruption” messages for the only turn off the consumer to those brands.

The only hope for true market Dominance is through Relationship Building. iPitCrew and Presto Reviews have the inside track, and they believe there is a select few Buisinesses ready to become Dominate Leaders in their markets.

Visit <a href="”>iPitCrew.com for more information or phone 1(877)94 1CREW(2739)Mission Truth Media
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