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Car Dealerships Put Away Your Check Books”. Says New Digital Media Marketing Company!

“ Car Dealerships Put Away Your Check Books”. Says New Digital Media Marketing Company!
(MISSION TRUTH-MEDIA)- Featured Website Announcement News
July 27th 2010
(MISSION TRUTH-MEDIA)- Nashville, TN-July 27th, 2010

What? A Digital Media Company that wants to save you money, not spend your money?

iPitCrew is ready to help you meet the challenge!

“So this guy walks into the Dealership and says?” You may have already heard this joke, but seriously…
Can you imagine a conversation with a Dealership owner where you tell them you want them to stop using what worked in the past! When some slick ad rep from the local paper or radio station has just stopped by with a fancy presentation detailing why they should spend more, and how prices have not been this cheap in 20 years.

News flash, it’s cheap because it is worth less or because it is almost worthless! When is the last time a Car Dealerships dropped the price on a automobile because it was better than ever? Try never? I know, I know, not everyone has a computer, not everyone shops online. Guess what not everyone has a TV, reads the paper, or listens to the radio either, but Car Dealerships paid top dollar for that for years.

Enters iPitCrew Digital Media Marketing Company Center Stage. iPitCrew is on a crusade to lower Car DealershipsAdvertising Expenses, increasing traffic, and converting opportunities. Some Dealers have secretly been doing it for years. Now its time for Car Dealerships Owners to take control of veteran management teams clinging on to traditional Advertising ideas, and “The Crew” show them where the floor traffic has disappeared to!

Manufacturers have figured out that it is more cost effective to build fewer vehicles that appeal to more, then to build more variations to appeal to less. Advertising is the same; today’s technology allows you to enter the slipstream of the conversation, the sweet spot! Today’s technologies allows you to lock on to your target from around the corner in a laser precision way. The most amazing part is that it’s actually the reverse. Today’s method allows consumers to lock onto you like a tractor beam. Just be aware that tractor beam has a magnifying glass attached to it. You can bet that can be really, really good or really, really bad.

For more information visit www.iPitCrew.com Mission Truth Media
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